Founded in 1994, Lafayette Group provides strategic and technical expertise to support the public safety and national security needs of Federal, State, and local government agencies. From emergency communications services and technical assistance support, to mission critical law enforcement management, Lafayette Group is at the forefront of public safety and national security innovations.

With a diverse team of professionals, who have served on the front lines of law enforcement, criminal justice, emergency management, the military and government, Lafayette Group offers its customers a broad array of talent and capabilities. Key areas of expertise include management of law enforcement and public safety programs, data analytics, development of advanced technologies, support of cross-border interoperability initiatives, and outreach to State and municipal agencies. Lafayette Group manages a comprehensive portfolio of local law enforcement and U.S. Government programs in the areas of cybersecurity, countering violent extremism, public safety broadband, counter-terrorism, crime control, corrections, national security and intelligence, counter-narcotics policy, and emergency communications.

United in our mission and values, Lafayette Group seeks to provide unparalleled service to our clients by supporting the evolving public safety and national security environment.