Courtney Cunningham


Ms. Courtney Cunningham is a certified Emergency Manager with extensive experience in public relations and all-hazards emergency response and recovery operations.  After completing work with the U.S. Peace Corps in Paraguay, Ms. Cunningham assisted in earthquake recovery operations in Peru in the summer of 2001.  Upon her return to the United States, she successfully completed the Emergency Administration Management program at Arkansas Tech University.  In June of 2007, Ms. Cunningham relocated to Saint Lucia in the West Indies where she worked with the National Emergency Management Organization developing continuity of operations plans for the Government of Saint Lucia.  After assisting with the response and recovery efforts for Hurricane Dean in Saint Lucia, Ms. Cunningham moved to Savannah, GA and served with the Chatham County Emergency Management Agency. 

Ms. Cunningham came to Lafayette Group in 2010 and served as an emergency management advisor to the Department of Homeland Security’s Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS) research, development, testing, and evaluation program.  Currently, she serves as an emergency management advisor to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Emergency Communications (OEC), in which she assists with strategic communications guidance and stakeholder engagement activities to include Federal, State, and local first responders in the development and implementation of Statewide Communication Interoperability Plans (SCIPs) nationwide.  She collaborates with Federal partners in the design, development, testing, and implementation of OEC’s SCIP Online Tool to ensure it provides guidance to states in preparing a SCIP, archives entries for long-term tracking, and generates reports to demonstrate states’ progress in interoperable emergency communications.