Cybersecurity comprises the tools, technologies and practices necessary to secure networks, information technology (IT) systems, computers and data from unintended or malicious actions that cause harm and disrupt operations. Understanding cybersecurity is critical for public safety agencies to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of communications, systems and data so that mission-critical operations are not compromised.  With the rollout of the NPSBN, cybersecurity will become even more important to protect the integrity and dependability of the network to keep it accessible at all times for public safety. 

Our team works with public safety agencies to make cybersecurity straightforward and accessible.  We treat Cybersecurity as a management issue, not something to be delegated solely to the IT department.  In our increasingly networked world, it is vital that Federal, State and local public safety leadership understand cyber threats and the strategies that can be implemented to lessen vulnerabilities and consequences.  Our cybersecurity efforts are focused on ensuring that public safety agencies have the knowledge and policies to protect the systems that allow first responders to effectively achieve their mission. 

We provide cybersecurity training, outreach and resources for all levels of an organization, from leadership to the IT department.  Our understanding of the threat environment, vulnerable systems and the consequences to Federal, State and local public safety agencies in the event of unintended actions or unauthorized access allows us to tailor our approach to meet and exceed our client’s requirements for secure and protected networks, systems, data and computers.