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Deante Tolliver


Mr. Deante Tolliver brings over five years of program coordinating experience to Lafayette Group. Mr. Tolliver has written and edited outreach copy for various projects, and is qualified to organize, plan, and provide on-site support for meetings, special events, conferences, and workshops. He has conducted research and has reported on Congressional legislation and policy.

As a member of Lafayette Group, Mr. Tolliver provides support to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Emergency Communications and also Intelligence and Analysis.  Mr. Tolliver developed frameworks for establishing Fellowship and Exchange programs to be utilized by State and local Emergency Operation Center (EOC) personnel.  He established guidance on how to track and monitor CPGs throughout the production process. Previously, Mr. Tolliver supported the DHS Fusion Process Technical Assistance Program assisting with planning preparations and logistics for conferences, meetings, workshops, and technical assistance programs. He assisted with implementing programs initiatives and performed content editing. Mr. Tolliver has also provided support to the Major Cities Chiefs of Police Association.