The dedication and commitment of the executive team to deliver quality and results that make a lasting practical impact is exemplified in the founding of the company.  After years of hard work and productive leadership roles in their careers in the military, law enforcement, community policing, executive branch, legislative branch, and criminal justice they wanted to continue to find ways to support the hard-working public servants that often put their lives on the line for the safety of our nation and our communities.  The Lafayette Group executive team ensures the same dedication and commitment from the entire company as we support the needs of our clients. Back to Our People.

Chuck DeWitt
Chuck DeWitt left the U.S. Government in 1993, when and he and partner Scott Green established Lafayette Group to provide management services and technical support for public safety and national security agencies.
Scott Green
Mr. Green’s vast experience both in government and the private sector has resulted in a management and business model for his company that has proven to be successful in supporting the public safety community.
Keil Green
Mr. Keil S. Green has spent the last sixteen years working with the government on public safety policy, program management, and operational support activities. Mr. Green oversees Lafayette Group’s portfolio of Federal, State and local contracts...