Lafayette Group offers exercise design and evaluation services to Federal, State, local, and tribal agencies to ensure the success of public safety policies and programs.  All Lafayette Group exercises comply with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines and are aligned with the applicable Emergency Support Function and the DHS Target Capabilities List (TCL).

Lafayette Group provides the following exercise management services:

  • Coordinate and conduct all HSEEP-compliant planning meetings (i.e., the Initial, Mid-Term, and Final Planning Conferences)
  • Work with local exercise planning team to determine the exercise goals and intended outcomes, design requirements and scenario variables
  • Work with local exercise planning team to identify organization and staffing requirements, time and resource constraints, and schedules
  • Develop and provide all necessary exercise documents
  • Develop After Action Report (AAR) / Improvement Plan (IP)

Lafayette Group’s subject matter experts and staff support the development and execution of communications-focused exercises. Our team supports public safety agencies in their evaluation of interoperable communications capabilities during significant incident response through a full-scale, functional, or tabletop exercise.   Lafayette Group has developed immersive, simulation exercises designed by our subject matter experts.  For instance, the Response Interoperability Simulation Tool (RIST) provides a realistic communications environment that helps COMLs exercise on systems and processes related to a real-world incident, without requiring the number of personnel and vast amounts of equipment necessary in a traditional communications exercise.