Market Research and Analysis Services

Lafayette Group has developed and implemented comprehensive marketing and communications strategies and plans for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients. Services have included conducting research including focus groups, intercept interviews, telephone surveys, web-based surveys, developing goals and objectives, analyzing marketing data, and executing all aspects of the marketing and communications strategies. 

Lafayette Group has extensive experience developing and conducting research on a variety of marketing topics including identifying and segmenting target audiences and ascertaining and understanding audience preferences and needs. Lafayette Group has experience developing surveys and moderator’s guides and conducting research through focus groups, intercept interviews, telephone surveys, mail-in surveys, and web-based surveys. Lafayette Group also analyzes the research data and uses it to formulate strategies and make recommendations to the client.

Lafayette Group has developed and executed marketing strategies and plans for commercial, government, and nonprofit clients. Work includes identifying target audiences, conducting research, developing strategies, developing goals and objectives, identifying opportunities for market penetration, identifying appropriate marketing and communication channels, identifying appropriate marketing materials, developing marketing materials, and executing the plan.