Lafayette Group Presents Cybersecurity Guide for State and Local Law Enforcement

June 1, 2016

Lafayette Group staff penned and presented a Cybersecurity Guide for State and Local Law Enforcement at a cybersecurity symposium co-sponsored at The George Washington University by the Center for Cyber & Homeland Security, a GW entity, and the National Consortium for Advanced Policing (NCAP). Under contract to NCAP, Lafayette Group wrote a guide that provides an overview of the cybersecurity threats that are particular to law enforcement, steps that agencies can and should take to bolster cybersecurity and resources that they can turn to as they do so. The guide was informed by a national working group of leading cyber professionals from the Federal government, state and local law enforcement agencies, fusion centers, leading private cybersecurity firms and academia. A copy can be obtained here and the cybersecurity symposium can be viewed here.

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