Broadband Communications Technical Assistance

Lafayette Group provides public safety broadband planning, governance, technical analyses, and outreach assistance to Federal, State, tribal, and local agencies.  Through our expertise in public safety operations, governance requirements, land mobile radio (LMR) and broadband communications networks, and Federal grants, Lafayette Group provides unique support to the Federal government during the development and implementation of the National Public Safety Broadband Network.  We have successfully prepared state broadband and outreach plans, and conducted analyses of broadband and LTE coverage for public safety agencies in over 30 states.  Lafayette Group built and maintains a comprehensive public safety broadband analytics capability supported by our staff, subject matter experts, and powerful analytics software (e.g., GIS, coverage/mapping tools, and database analysis software).  Through this capability, we are able to help government agencies understand public safety user demographics, communications systems technical data, site location data, and LTE implementation challenges.

Program Management

Planning and Policy Analysis

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping