Comprehensive Preparation Guide

In 2010, FEMA’s National Planning Coordination and Assistance (NPCA) Branch, a division of the National Preparedness Directorate, contracted Lafayette Group to provide on-site support and oversee the production of Comprehensive Preparedness Guides (CPG). Lafayette Group created guidance on how to track and monitor CPGs throughout production, which included developing tracker tools and a standard operating procedure to enable a real-time view of progress toward project completion and achievement of project milestones. By putting these tools in place, Lafayette Group was able to better align where to place limited project resources when they were needed most.  In addition, the project required the development of a fellowship and exchange program for State and local emergency operation center personnel to help improve best practice understanding and adoption.  Lafayette Group developed the initial structure and framework for establishing the fellowship and exchange programs by pairing personnel and sites that had the best opportunity to round out each other’s capabilities. Lafayette Group provided support at CPG Working Group Meetings, collecting critical data, comments, and recommendations from Federal, State and local stakeholders to be incorporated in the development of CPGs.

Program Management

Planning and Policy Analysis