Countering Violent Extremism

Lafayette Group provides staff support for the White House Strategy to counter violent extremism. Announced by the White House in December 2011, the Strategic Implementation Plan includes services and programs staffed by Lafayette Group. The Secretary of Homeland Security has announced that this initiative will roll out across the nation to every major law enforcement agency. Lafayette Group support includes identification and certification of trainers, development of curriculum, pilot testing, and the ultimate roll out of the training nationwide. Lafayette staffers organized the delivery and evaluation of a pilot curriculum that was developed by the Los Angeles Police Department in San Diego, California in 2012. A detailed evaluation report analyzed the feedback from all pilot participants to identify areas of greater focus and opportunities for continued improvement. Additional pilots have been also been conducted to further refine the curriculum content and delivery. Ultimately, the training will serve all levels of State and local law enforcement and will have in-person and online delivery components.

Public Safety Training

Program Management

Planning and Policy Analysis