DHS Border Communications

In response to the requirements of the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, the DHS Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) established the Border Interoperability Demonstration Project (BIDP), a $25.5 million one-time competitive grant to provide funding and technical assistance to communities along the Canadian and Mexican borders.   Lafayette Group supports OEC’s efforts to enhance communications capabilities of emergency responders in the seven jurisdictions that received funding through BIDP, which includes facilitation of the Southwest Border Communications working Group.  In addition to the administration of the Working Group, Lafayette Group supports OEC as it assists State and local agencies to address challenges identified through the Working Group.  For example, several jurisdictions reported difficulties in meeting continuing operations requirements of the public safety radio system and, as a result, incurred regulatory penalties. Lafayette Group continues to support OEC as the Office works to address the immediate need to complete required documentation to avoid penalties, and the long-term need to fill gaps in communications capabilities to sustain operations. 

Program Management

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