Disaster Communications Planning- California Emergency Medical Services Authority

Lafayette Group was tasked by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) to develop the Disaster Interoperable Communications Plan for California’s Emergency Medical Services.  Lafayette Group compiled best practices, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and guidelines into a Communications Planning Benchmarks, Best Practices, and Standards Report to use as a resource during the development of the Disaster Interoperable Communications Plan.  Identifying these national benchmarks and best practices provided a basis for performing a Statewide communications analysis, identifying prioritized equipment recommendations, and developing a Field Operations Guide (FOG). Ultimately, based on Lafayette Group’s recommendations, EMSA was able to prioritize its communications acquisitions in a lean budget environment, while still being able to meet its interoperability needs.  Developing the EMSA FOG provided an opportunity to update and compile information to ensure smooth and timely disaster communications, improving EMSA’s response capabilities.

Planning and Policy Analysis