Disaster Emergency Communications

Since 2006, Lafayette Group has supported the FEMA Disaster Emergency Communications (DEC) Division in establishing 39 State-specific emergency communications plans that identify existing communications assets, capabilities and vulnerabilities.  The plans focus on six specific mission areas: command and control, evacuation, sheltering, search and rescue, commodities, medical, and debris removal.   Within these mission areas, the plans address specific key issues, including assessment and mitigation planning, operability and interoperability, communications availability, integration and coordination of Federal resources, and prepositioning of communications resources.  As part of its work, Lafayette Group subject matter experts (SMEs) and staff designed a national-level database to record and monitor State communications assets identified in the plans.  Lafayette Group also supports the DEC Division’s Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS) detachments, which work to temporarily restore mission-critical communications while long-term fixes are being developed. Lafayette Group assisted in drafting the MERS Capability Field Guide and accompanying briefings to provide emergency response staff with an understanding of MERS capabilities.  Lafayette Group also works closely with Regional Emergency Communications Coordinating Working Groups, comprised of representatives from Federal, State, local, and tribal public safety agencies, to provide planning and collaboration assistance and to prepare annual reports to be submitted to the DHS Secretary as required by statute. 

Program Management

Planning and Policy Analysis

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