Emergency Communications Exercise- Monmouth County, NJ

In 2012, the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management contracted Lafayette Group to develop a full-scale exercise designed to evaluate their interoperable communications capabilities during a response to a significant incident.  Specifically, the exercise focused on the Monmouth County communications elements of the Atlantic and Highland Ferry Terminals, and the State’s passenger rail operations plans.  During preparation for the exercise, Lafayette Group coordinated and conducted all Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program -compliant planning meetings (i.e., initial, mid-term, and final planning conferences) and worked with Monmouth County to determine the design requirements and scenario variables (e.g., time, location, hazard selection).  In addition, Lafayette Group worked to address matters relevant to conducting the exercise, including the goals and intended outcomes, organization and staffing, time and resource constraints, and scheduling impediments.  Lafayette Group developed all necessary exercise documents, including the interoperable communications-focused injects to help direct the exercise and an Exercise Evaluation Guide that established a baseline for evaluating communications within the exercises.  After collecting the exercise data, the Lafayette Group team incorporated the information into an After Action Report/Improvement Plan which highlighted the major strengths of the county’s exercise as well as areas for advancement.

Exercise Design and Evaluation