Emergency Communications Joint Exercise- Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Task Force (SEPA RTF) conducted a joint tabletop and functional communications-focused exercise designed to test select regional systems and the newly updated Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan.  More than 25 emergency responders from across the region participated in the tabletop portion of the exercise, while 14 key operational responders participated in the functional exercise.  Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of Public Safety Radio Services, the exercise focused on interoperable communications capabilities and identified potential gaps in existing response planning.  As part of the exercise planning team, Lafayette Group assisted in developing objectives, as well as a design and implementation plan for the exercise.  Lafayette Group coordinated the development of the SEPA RTF Interoperable Communications Tabletop Exercise Situation Manual to provide participants with the necessary tools for their roles in the exercise and to serve as a reference throughout the exercise.  The manual, divided into modules based on incident development, provided discussion questions to highlight possible issues for participant consideration. 

Exercise Design and Evaluation