Emergency Communications Planning & Analysis - AMTRAK

In 2012-2013, Lafayette Group supported Amtrak’s efforts to improve emergency preparedness and response capabilities by enhancing interoperable communications among transit partners and Federal and local authorities. Beginning in the Northeast Corridor (NEC), our team worked its way across the Nation to include Amtrak’s entire rail system.  Lafayette Group developed a survey and conducted interviews with Amtrak personnel to assess its current communications capabilities. The results of this survey informed the Operational and Technical Assessment Report, which outlined the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.  The Operational and Technical Assessment Report was structured along the SAFECOM Continuum and provided detailed recommendations for improvement in each of the Continuum’s five areas. Lafayette Group then worked with State and local agencies along the AMTRAK routes to identify interoperability resources, and support AMTRAK in establishing relationships with potential partners. Using the equipment inventory, Lafayette Group developed an Interoperable Communications Plan for each AMTRAK region with policies and procedures for the use of AMTRAK and State and local interoperability resources.

Planning and Policy Analysis

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping