Emergency Communications Planning and Exercise- McHenry County, IL

In October 2009, McHenry County, Illinois, contracted Lafayette Group to complete a Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan (TICP), functional exercise, After Action Report /Improvement Plan, and Communication Asset Survey and Mapping (CASM) tool data collection and entry.  In developing the TICP, Lafayette Group coordinated with the McHenry County’s multi-discipline, multi-jurisdiction governance body, as well as State officials, to leverage State and local expertise and ensure buy-in of the plan.  Lafayette Group collected information on all aspects of interoperable communications in McHenry County, including working sessions with the newly-established McHenry County governing body, for entry into CASM.  In addition, Lafayette Group held working sessions with members of the first responder and support agency community to familiarize them with the requirements of the TICP and to collect critical data from each of the key agencies.

Exercise Design and Evaluation

Planning and Policy Analysis