Emergency Communications Planning and Training- Lake County, IL

In 2010, Lake County, Illinois, contracted Lafayette Group to develop their Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan (TICP), Field Operations Guide (FOG), and an Interoperable Communications Training and Drills curriculum.  In developing the TICP, Lafayette Group coordinated with the local Interoperable Communications Council of Lake County (ICCLC), the county’s multi-discipline, multi-jurisdiction governance body, the Statewide Interoperable Communications Coordinator, and local interoperable communications subject matter experts.  Through this coordinated effort, the team leveraged State and local expertise and ensured buy-in of the plan during development rather than requiring a separate approval process later.  In addition, Lafayette Group conducted several working sessions with the ICCLC, its partner entities, and members of the first responder and support agency community to familiarize them with the TICP requirements and to collect critical data from each of the key agencies.  After developing the TICP, Lafayette Group developed and facilitated a two-day interoperable communications-focused workshop focused on awareness of the newly-developed TICP and FOG, National Incident Management System/Incident Command System protocols, and regional communications best practices.  Lafayette Group instructors provided training for first responders, supervisors, and managers/ All-Hazards Communications Unit Leader and customized each workshop based on the participants’ experience.

Planning and Policy Analysis

Public Safety Training

Exercise Design and Evaluation