Homeland Security Information Network Training and Implementation

Operated by DHS, the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) is a web-based communications system that provides real-time, secure connectivity and interoperability between the DHS Homeland Security Operations Center (HSOC), the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC), and Federal, State, local, and tribal organizations.  Through close collaboration with DHS, Lafayette Group provided training and technical assistance and supported the implementation of HSIN. Since HSIN meets the need of a multi-disciplinary audience nationwide, Lafayette Group also provided subject matter experts to offer perspective on how the online environment could meet the real-time information needs of various disciplines.  Additionally, the SMEs helped provide perspective and solutions on how to bring together all disciplines to better share information in this venue. Training and technical assistance had to be quickly developed to meet the system’s rollout timeline; it was created to be concise and easily digestible for an audience with various levels of experience with online portals. 

Public Safety Training

Technical Assistance

Planning and Policy Analysis

Law Enforcement Technology

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping