Joint Wireless Program Management Office

Since the fall of 2012, Lafayette Group has provided planning and programmatic support to the Joint Wireless Program Management Office (JWPMO) within the DHS Office of the Chief Information Officer.  Chartered by DHS in April 2012, JWPMO serves as a single collaboration point among Federal agencies and other partners to facilitate communications infrastructure modernization among DHS components.  In addition, the JWPMO promotes the development of a wireless communications interoperability framework and provides leadership in developing the next generation of wireless communications networks that will deliver voice, data, video, and mobile broadband capabilities to government agents and officers.  Lafayette Group has worked with the JWPMO to develop a comprehensive approach to Federal, State, local, tribal, and international public safety stakeholder engagement.  This work includes coordinating the development of an advisory council working group of 13 Federal agencies and State and local public safety officials to provide input on integrating tactical wireless communications into the National Public Safety Broadband Network. 

Program Management

Planning and Policy Analysis

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