National Emergency Communications Plan

Lafayette Group provides staff support to the Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) for the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP).  To help track regional interoperability progress, Lafayette Group designed and maintained a scorecard with a summary for each Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) jurisdiction in 14 response categories.   From each participating jurisdiction’s event response, Lafayette Group pulled lessons learned from the demonstrations and summaries to create a definitive reference guide. Lafayette Group also coordinated After Action Reports (AARs) which provided background information on each event and detailed the effectiveness of each region’s event response.  Lafayette Group continues to provide reports and briefings for DHS senior leadership on the results of NECP Goal 1 emergency response exercises across the country.  These reports describe the lessons learned from each participating UASI, including comprehensive analyses of event response and challenges.  Also included in the reports are summary conclusions based upon the data and information collected from AARs.

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