National Terrorism Early Warning Group

Los Angeles County’s Terrorism Early Warning (TEW) Group was developed to monitor intelligence and identify appropriate response techniques properly coordinated through law enforcement, fire, health and other emergency agencies.  Identified as a model for terrorism response, Lafayette Group provided technical assistance and training programs to other jurisdictions that replicated the TEW model, and assisted in the development of coordinated and focused response to acts of terrorism based on careful assessment of information and intelligence and detailed planning.  This effort included expansion workshops for prospective TEW jurisdictions, and technical assistance and training on TEW practices.  DHS also sponsored a National TEW Resource Center, which was housed at the Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center/TEW.  The Center produced reference and resource materials, housed a resource library, and facilitated personnel exchanges and training opportunities for the TEW network.  The TEW Expansion Project was the basis for what would become the fusion center model now established throughout the nation.

Public Safety Training

Technical Assistance

Program Management

Law Enforcement Technology

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping