New Jersey State Police

Lafayette Group was asked to provide the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) with an independent assessment of their technology capabilities and a validation of the draft budget request for automation improvements. Lafayette Group conducted an assessment of the NJSP’s automation base by examining existing systems, and interviewing users and those responsible for each system. Work was completed with coordination between the New Jersey Chief Information Officer and officials from the NJSP, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Attorney General’s office.  The final report identified deficiencies, recommended the replacement or upgrade of existing systems to meet short and long-term automation objectives, and provided automation strategies conducive to future expansion and technology refreshment.  Other recommendations outlined in the report included extending the implementation schedule from two to three years; delaying the purchase of in-car computers until the implementation of a records management system; and the development of a long-term structured training program to ensure full use of the new systems.  As a result of the assessment, the State of New Jersey provided the necessary funding to move forward with the proposed automation plan.

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