Office of Intelligence & Analysis, Fusion Center Support

For over ten years, Lafayette Group has promoted the advancement of the Nation’s fusion center network and enhanced information and intelligence sharing among Federal, State, local and tribal agencies.   As part of its commitment to this mission, Lafayette Group supports the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) as they work to bolster the National Network of Fusion Centers.  In partnership with DHS I&A, Lafayette Group provides on-site support that focuses on the four core functions necessary to ensure the development of the National Network:  (1) field operations; (2) departmental integration and coordination; (3) Federal interagency coordination, and (4) requirements and evaluation.  In addition to providing on-site staffing support at the National Operations Center, Lafayette Group assists with strategy development and management, strategic communications, sustainment policy advancement, capability gap mitigation planning and execution, Federal policy coordination, performance management, center assessment, center exercise and evaluation, suspicious activity reporting, field operations support, and intelligence coordination.

Law Enforcement Technology

Planning and Policy Analysis

Program Management