Policing Convergent Threats Program

This Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) training program was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide state and local police investigators and intelligence analysts from around the country with a comprehensive set of tools and strategies to counter transnational criminal threats, including terrorism, gangs, organized crime, narcotics trafficking and human trafficking. The LAPD contracted with the National Consortium for Advanced Policing (NCAP), which, in turn, subcontracted with Lafayette Group to design and implement the national training program. Lafayette Group developed two curricula that focused on the convergent threats of the 21st Century and enhanced and informed police investigations. The first was a mutli-day In-Class Training, developed in conjunction with serving police detectives, that taught a real-world, intelligence-driven model for investigating transnational criminal threats. The second, developed in conjunction with anti-money laundering and financial crimes experts, was a Web-Based Training that provided an overview of financial schemes most commonly employed by transnational criminal enterprises.

Public Safety Training

Planning and Policy Analysis

Law Enforcement Technology

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping