Prepositioned Equipment Program

Lafayette Group provided program management services for the Prepositioned Equipment Program (PEP), which consisted of standardized equipment pods prepositioned in nine selected geographic areas around the country.  Containing highly specialized equipment and other items, these pods are designed for rapid deployment to States and localities in the case of a major terrorist incident or natural disaster, easily transportable by land or air.  This equipment was specifically tailored to sustain and reconstitute the capabilities of State and local first responders.  A collaborative team was formed to guide the design, implementation, and management of the PEP program.  The stakeholder team included representatives of local law enforcement, fire departments, public health services, National Guard, United States Marine Corps Systems Command, Naval Research Laboratory, FEMA, FBI, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Energy, and Environmental Protection Agency.  Lafayette Group coordinated and conducted in-person briefings to Governors and their homeland security advisory groups in each state hosting a pod to inform them of the program and enlist their support.  The need for careful orchestration of a pod’s deployment in the case of a disaster also required the Lafayette Group to develop detailed standard operating procedures. 

Program Management

Planning and Policy Analysis