Technical Assistance to Fusion Centers

Lafayette Group provided support to the joint DHS and DOJ Fusion Process Technical Assistance Program.  Through this program, Lafayette Group worked with State and major urban area fusion centers to develop concepts of operations, standard operating procedures, governance boards, and other enhanced programs, such as fusion liaison officer programs, that allowed them to achieve the baseline capabilities established as a supplement to the fusion center guidelines.  In addition, Lafayette Group managed, developed, and delivered technical assistance services to improve fusion center operational capabilities.  Working with fusion center and intelligence personnel nationwide, Lafayette Group identified and documented lessons learned and best practices within the fusion center environment.  As a result, more than 120 “Spotlight” documents were produced and posted on the Lessons Learned Information Sharing website as a vital resource.  Lafayette Group also managed the Personnel Exchange program that allowed fusion center personnel to spend several days at another fusion center to learn first-hand how to duplicate and implement successful programs and procedures within their own centers. 

Public Safety Training

Planning and Policy Analysis

Geospatial Analysis and Mapping

Technical Assistance