Terrorist Threat Guidelines

Lafayette Group collaborated with the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriff’s Association to develop and publish the Terrorist Threat Guidelines, a compendium of standard operating policies for joint use by every major law enforcement agency.  Law enforcement communities use these uniform policies to strengthen preparedness, prevention, protection, and response to terrorism.  The three operational areas covered by the guidelines provide specific policies for communications (intergovernmental relations, coordination with public officials, and working with the general public); critical infrastructure protection (protecting critical infrastructure, high profile targets, and key national assets); and intelligence (intelligence collection, investigation, and interdiction).  These guidelines help agencies to better allocate resources according to different threat levels and create plans in place for quickly meeting changing needs.  Lafayette Group conducted multiple workshops with Chiefs from across the country and organized focus groups around the three operational areas.  During these iterative workshops, Chiefs were able to raise issues they were facing, discuss options, identify solutions that worked, and rule out solutions that did not work.   

Technical Assistance