Law Enforcement & Intel

Ms. Usha Sutliff came to Lafayette Group in December of 2008 from the Center for Policing Terrorism at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, the New York-based think tank that pioneered the “Broken Windows” theory of policing. As Deputy Director for the Center, she was seconded full time to the LAPD’s Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau, where she worked with the Deputy Chief on a range of counter-terrorism programs and initiatives that helped grow and refine the department’s counter-terrorism capabilities.

As a member of the Lafayette Group, Ms. Sutliff develops and manages projects related to counter-terrorism, intelligence, and homeland security. She has developed complex curricula and training, both Instructor-Led and Web-Based, for national law enforcement training programs and managed national teams of high-level intelligence and law enforcement professionals. Representing Lafayette Group in Los Angeles, Ms. Sutliff has also developed programs and written key documents that support the counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism capacity of major urban police agencies.

A former professional print journalist, Usha Sutliff has also authored a wide range of articles, publications, reports, and Congressional testimony on a range of topics related to law enforcement and the military. Ms. Sutliff also worked as Associate Director of the University of Southern California’s (USC) Media Relations Department and as a Field Deputy for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University.

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