Lafayette Group prides itself on its commitment to the public safety community. For more than 22 years, our company has developed and maintained meaningful relationships at agencies and all levels of government across the Nation. Our experienced team continues this tradition through various clients and project tasks. We are dedicated to both our clients and the public safety community they serve. Our support services within this capability that benefit both parties include:  strategic planning, logistics management, onsite support, report and data analysis development. Areas of specialization include:

  • Salient, strategic, and impactful material preparation to ensure our client’s objectives are fulfilled.
  • Seamless logistical support that allows client attendees to focus solely on their interaction with the public safety community.
  • Dedicated and reliable onsite support with the skills, practitioner experience, and technical knowledge to help provide public safety personnel and other stakeholders relevant information and capture consequential lessons learned and action items.
  • Rapid and accurate post-engagement analysis to more easily permit our clients to promptly respond and address the needs of the public safety community.