Lafayette Group has extensive experience providing technical assistance service to its clients across all levels of government.  We apply many of the successful practices from our training development and delivery in the technical assistance environment.  However, the nature of technical assistance allows us to be even more mindful of the needs of individual recipients and tailor our offerings to their very specific requirements.  We have developed a very successful suite of technical assistance models to accommodate all types of offerings.  These models allow us to address a very specific issue or a broader topic and in a one-on-one setting or a larger group.  Even an informal one-one-one exchange between an SME and a practitioner seeking guidance has a structured approach to ensure the establishment and achievement of goals and expectations.

Technical assistance is a tremendous tool for focusing on a particular issue and conveying knowledge and practices to provide immediate practical benefits in institutional practices.  In most of our TA engagements we are also able to seize the opportunity to address overall institutional collaboration and overcome any previous barriers.  Additionally, our TA models pay close attention to the difficulty agencies may have affecting lasting change. Each of our TA sessions result in concrete actions and plans for improvement.

To enhance interoperable communications, Lafayette Group provides various technical assistance offerings to State and local agencies; topics include governance, standard operating procedures, and training and exercise planning.  During these technical assistance offerings, we provide communications subject matter experts and support staff onsite, who assist agencies with the challenges and complexities of the specific interoperable communications task. Our team offers years of real-world experience and best practices from agencies across the country to each technical assistance delivery. 

Lafayette Group also works with State and major urban area fusion centers and law enforcement, public safety, and emergency operations agencies through technical assistance sessions to improve operational capabilities.  As fusion centers have evolved and matured so have the TA offerings to cover basic to more advanced capabilities to achieve the DHS Baseline Capabilities including, developing concepts of operations and standard operating procedures, Fusion Liaison Officer programs, emergency operation center coordination, public health coordination, and critical infrastructure and key resource planning.  Furthermore, Lafayette Group has provided technical assistance in the realm of terrorism response, where we have held workshops and exchange programs.