Lafayette Group has nearly 20 years of experience supporting critical training to public safety and emergency response practitioners in both the government and private sectors.  Lafayette Group’s cadre of experienced and highly qualified subject matter experts is heavily involved in developing curriculum and providing training on law enforcement, fusion center, intelligence, public safety, and communications interoperability practices, including all aspects of the National Incident Management System (NIMS)/Incident Command System (ICS).

Our teams make the extra effort to identify best practices that have been proven in the field and convey information in a way that advances a learner’s job practices.  Guidebooks, practical exercises, and project-based coursework all help participants experience the information in a way they can directly translate back to their agency.  Whether for an online or in-person offering, the nationwide rollout of our courses has required them to be adaptable to a variety of audiences and settings. Our online training is engaging, interactive, and customized to hasten the learning process.  Our design focuses on conveying the practical information that will be immediately relevant to our clients in their job duties. We also implement a training system that helps an organization track student performance, and can automatically issue certificates of completion.

Our subject matter experts and support staff provide the full gamut of Communications Unit training, including Communications Unit Leader [COML], Communications Unit Technician [COMT], Auxiliary Communications courses, and advanced training for Communications Center personnel. Our subject matter experts supported the development and recent updates to the DHS OEC sponsored Communications Unit training classes, and each of our instructors is certified by DHS. Additionally, our team provides in-depth training on technical equipment usage (e.g., gateways). 

Lafayette Group also provides training on both current and emerging criminal justice system and law enforcement technologies.  Our staff provides both curriculum development and training delivery support to our clients. One of our recent training projects includes two courses of the DHS-funded Policing Convergent Threats in the 21st Century program; our team is currently delivering the training nationwide. Our instructors offer two programs to State and local law enforcement— a three-day Instructor-Led Training on intelligence-led investigative strategies to counter transnational criminal threats and a three-hour Web-Based Training on illicit finance schemes.  Additionally, Lafayette Group supports our client agencies in developing or evaluating pilot training programs, including the Countering Violent Extremism pilot curriculum in support of the White House Strategic Implementation Plan.

Classroom Training

Web-Based Training