We provide a variety of services for the development and delivery of Web-Based Training:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Design, Development, and Packaging
  • Student Registration, Course Management, and Student Certification

Curriculum Development

Developing a curriculum for an online environment and an adult learning audience requires careful planning.  While a lot can be done in the technical and graphic design and development stage to enhance the student’s learning experience, the way the information is organized and presented truly sets the stage for long-lasting learning.  We can take even the most complex topics and break it down for students to achieve meaningful learning objectives.  We relate the information directly to the student’s job environment.  Real-life scenarios or practical exercises are just some of the organizational tools we can use.

Course Design, Development, and Packaging

Special consideration is given to present the materials in an engaging and interactive format.  Some of the ways we have accomplished this in previous training has included: animated graphic iconography, scroll-over slides which require the user to discover additional content, practical exercises where students experience the information through a real-life scenario and then answer questions to confirm student understanding, engaging voiceover of content, and user experience options to suit all learning styles.  All of these features also help to make online training accessible for all audiences.

Student Registration, Course Management, Student Certification

We host courses in an online learning management system with features that can be tailored to the specific needs of the course.  The system easily handles student registration whether it needs to enable open access or careful controls.  Continuing access to the training can be carefully controlled and tracked for courses with sensitive material using password protection.  Progression controls can also ensure that a student experiences all of the information before they are allowed to continue to new content. Additionally, if testing and scoring is required and a minimum level of performance is needed the system can automatically handle that and the generation of a Certificate of Completion when achieved.  Course managers can also keep an eye on the success of the course by examining course completion rates by groups or individuals.